The oxygen we plant – 70 thousand trees for the anniversary of Grupa Kęty

In 2023, Grupa Kęty will celebrate its 70th anniversary (1953-2023); on this occasion, from 2021, the company starts the process of planting 70 thousand trees.

This is our small contribution to efforts to counteract climate change, says President Dariusz Mańko, I hope that in the coming years our trees will have a real impact on reducing the carbon footprint.

The official launch of the action was symbolic. Due to the pandemic, it was not possible to organize joint planting with a wider group of workers.

The action provides for planting in the Podbeskidzie region in the following years (2021 – 30 thousand; 2022 – 20 thousand; 2023 – 20 thousand). and is connected with the action,