‘Grupa Kęty for the Children of the Podbeskidzie Region’ Foundation

Fundacja Grupa Kęty Dzieciom Podbeskidzia [‘Grupa Kęty for the Children of the Podbeskidzie Region’ Foundation] established in August 2011 is the ‘social face’ of the Capital Group of Grupa Kęty S.A.

The Foundation is a response of the Capital Group to the specific needs of local communities in the area of care for the people threatened with social exclusion.

The activities of this organisation focus mainly on the provision of assistance to the residents of special educational establishments and children’s homes to help the charges to get education, knowledge and qualifications, which will allow them to have a better start in their adult lives and to become independent. The idea of the Foundation is to promote and develop family custody care. Since 2021, the Foundation has been a partner of the ‘Share Your Home’ – Bielsko-Biała For Child Custody Support programme.

over PLN million
for statutory activities (2011–2022)

The Foundation also aims at ensuring equal opportunities for these children through active participation in various local and nationwide cultural and sports events. ‘To Ensure a Better Start’ is the motto which has been the guiding principle for the Foundation from its very beginning. Currently, the Foundation actively supports special educational establishments in the Districts of Bielsko-Biała, Pszczyna, Cieszyn, Oświęcim and Żywiec. The Foundation, together with the young people who go through the stage of becoming independent in adult lives (also supported by the Foundation), have taken care of over 200 children.
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