Research and development

The Capital Group strategy in the area of products and services consists in offering high quality products, which are often designed to individual orders and tailored to customers’ needs. With regard to climate threats and their potential consequences, these basic business functions have been subordinated to the world’s trends in sustainable development, covering the economy, the environment and the communities.

Aluprof owns a series of innovative solutions

applications to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland

Among the inventions and patents distinguished are the innovative transom sag reduction system and the propriety fastener connecting mullions and transoms that enables transom loading with a glass sheet of 1,100 kg.

Thanks to modern solutions, aluminium systems are used in the most prestigious projects around the world, where environmental friendliness is confirmed by green building certificates, such as BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, or Well.

Tomasz Grela

Aluprof CEO and Member of the Grupa Kęty Management Board in charge of the Aluminium Systems Segment

Development and ecological activities

  • The Research and Development Centre established in 2009 has been performing design tasks with the aim to introduce new production technologies and enable the product offer extension as well as improvement of the quality of products in serial production.
  • Continuous improvement of technological processes and products is based mainly on implementing innovative engineering elements to optimise and improve productivity.
  • The growing use of aluminium alloys in various industries requires development of new technologies of aluminium production and reworking. The variety of the chemical content of aluminium alloys requires an individual approach at every stage of designing or improving the effectiveness of the engineering processes.
  • Automotive sector projects represent a major part of the research and development works carried out. Performance of the tasks consists in developing the technology of profiles production and control within the Crash Management Systems. The effect of the work is the provision to the established car manufacturers of profiles manufactured by the EPS, which fulfil the requirements for passive safety systems forming part of a car body structure. The developed advanced solutions for the highest class car models shall enter serial production within the coming years and will be highly competitive for steel-made products.

Owing to the growing market requirements, both with regard to the products mechanical properties and dimensional tolerance, a new challenge is an adequate extrusion processes control as well as their development, reduction of the costs of production and short lead times.

  • Aluprof dictates new trends in façade architecture. By way of applying modern technologies within the Aluprof offer, it has been possible to overpass the prior limitation in designing mullion-and-transom curtain walls. Thus, the possibility of constructing broad, panoramic glazing of building façades originated. Within the façade systems, Aluprof offers also mullion-and-transom fasteners of the load-carrying capacity of 5.5 kN, which enables the use of glass of the maximum weight of 1,100 kg and as much as 4 m span.
  • Aluprof designs new façade elements and implements them in production. Apart from the capacity to withstand significant wind loads, high thermal performance and water tightness, they enable compensation of the building structure movements, which is currently one of the main requirements posed to the modern façades on high-rise buildings.
  • Aluprof has been continuously extending the portfolio of energy-saving and passive products, promoting the idea of green building in the world. A 20% growth of the company solutions share in BREEAM or LEED certified buildings till 2025 has been assumed.
  • Aluprof offers innovative solutions for internal partition walls. The MB-HAROMNY OFFICE line systems are intended for any office space of very high acoustic requirements.
  • Aluprof delivers modern large-dimensional sliding doors for architecture, which are lightweight and highly aesthetic. MB-SKYLINE Type R is fit for creating up to 4 m high door leaves, which help architects in designing new forms of buildings.
  • Development of thinner, more uniform laminates fit for recycling.
  • Implementation of new solutions based mainly on using polypropylene and polyethylene films in laminates.
  • Increase in the production of laminates that comply with the ‘European strategy for closed-circuit plastics’.
  • Development of packaging based on coated papers with heat-bonding and barrier properties as well as laminates with HBF9TM barrier films.

All the proposed solutions guarantee food safety and may be printed either with the rotogravure or flexographic techniques. Due to the specific properties of the PPBTM and HBF9TM, the 3-, 4- and 5-layer laminates available on the market, containing aluminium, plastic and paper, may be replaced with 2- or 3-layer laminates of lower basis weight and more homogeneous structure. This means that the laminates require less material than the ones applied so far, which contributes greatly to reducing the quantity of plastics introduced to the market and reduces the impact on natural environment.