Environmental actions and initiatives

We care for our communication with the stakeholders and supporting local environmental initiatives.

Every year, the Company prepares an Environmental Report, presenting therein the results of the actions taken and the effects of the environmental activities, accounting for the previous commitments at the same time. It is a major element of the awareness and education activities carried out by Grupa Kęty. As a signatory of the Global Compact, we focus on promoting and developing Principle 8 ‘Undertaking initiatives to promote environmental responsibility’, among other things.

Let’s Plant the Forest!

In 2023 Grupa Kęty is going to celebrate its 70th anniversary (1953-2023). On that occasion, already in 2021, the Group has launched the process of planting 70 thousand trees.
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This is our small input into the activities for the prevention of climate change.

We hope that in the coming years our trees shall have a real effect on carbon footprint reduction.

Dariusz Mańko

President of the Management Board & Chief Executive Officer

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