Investment story

Operating activities supported by global trends

The products of Grupa Kęty contribute to economy transformation towards a model that reduces environmental load by way of lower greenhouse gas emissions or reduction of the quantity of waste (aluminium systems for construction business, aluminium-based components for the automotive and transport sector, recyclable flexible packaging). The progressing urbanisation, green construction, exhaust gases limitation by car weight reduction as well as increasing the number of electrically fuelled vehicles favour the development perspectives of Grupa Kęty.

Systematic extension of production and intellectual capital

The strong position of Grupa Kęty results, among other things, from investments in modern machines and equipment, continuous organisation improvement and development of the staff intellectual potential. Over PLN 3 billion capital expenditures incurred since the Company has first been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 1996, combined the record level of PLN 1.3 billion planned for the years 2021-2025 (including PLN 800 million on development projects), contribute to offering products on the highest level.

PLN billion
capital expenditures planned for the years 2021-2025
Grupa KĘTY operates in market segments where perspectives are very positive in our opinion. We have prepared an ambitious capital expenditures plan for the years 2021–2025, which will significantly improve the Group’s potential. At the same time, one of our major priorities is to systematically share profits with the shareholders.

Rafał Warpechowski

Member of the Management Board, Financial Director of Grupa Kęty

Ability to react fast to the surrounding changes

The continuous efforts of Grupa Kęty towards the order portfolio optimisation, efficiency of structures, effectiveness increase and fast reacting to the changing market environment have brought measurable results. Good knowledge and incessant monitoring of the market help to operate effectively, which is visible particularly in crisis situations or at the time of economic downturn.

Focus on cash flows that ensure attractive dividends

Grupa Kęty runs business in three operating segments active on markets with different characteristics. The diversification reduces the market risk exposure on the Group scale and increases stability of the generated revenue. Growing profits and stable dividend policy, which in accordance with the implemented 2021-2025 Strategy assumes dividend payment at the level of 85% of consolidated net profit, enable the financing of further development and sharing the profit with our shareholders.