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Together with the Group – The Environmentalists Factory or the School for the Nature

12 May 2023

Primary School No. 2 in Czaniec is carrying out a project entitled ‘The Environmentalists Factory or the School for the Nature’, with the aim to demonstrate to the students how important it is to care for the natural environment and use renewable sources of energy. A major element was the planting of smog-fighting plants, which improve the quality of air in classrooms.

70 local projects for 70 years of the Company!

Together with the Group – we help hedgehogs to survive winter

24 April 2023

Thanks to the engagement of our employee, Andrzej, as well as the ‘Spiky Gang’ and the ‘Paw’ organisations, we took care of hedgehogs which had suffered in car accidents, were ill or disabled, and now, when the spring has come, they returned to the natural environment.

70 local projects for 70 years of the Company!

800 beech seedlings planted – 70 thousand trees for 70 years of Grupa Kęty!

24 April 2023

On 22 April, on the occasion of the Earth Day, another trees planting action within the 70 thousand trees for 70 years of Grupa Kęty was held. The employees of the Capital Group companies, together with the Bielsko-Biała Forestry Department and the ARKA Ecological Foundation, planted further 800 beech seedlings in the area of Goczałkowice. It has already been the third year of the joint tree planting project.

We wish to thank all the engaged employees!


‘Together with the GROUP’ – the students of Primary School No. 1 in Kęty prepare for a musical

18 April 2023

This time, thanks to the initiative of our colleagues from Grupa Kęty, the after-school club obtained a state-of-the-art loudspeaker system by JBL – Charge 5 – and a mobile column loudspeaker of Ibiza PORT15UHF-MKII, as well as Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite tablet, which may be used both in schoolrooms and outside.

The equipment will soon be used in the musical prepared by the club’s children under the title ‘In the Fun Land of Jan Brzechwa’. Participation in the show will enable the children to cope with new challenges and develop their skills. It also gives them the opportunity to cooperate within a group, show their strong sides and build social relations, which diverts their attention from the negative events in Poland and in the world.

70 local projects for 70 years of the Company!

‘Together with the GROUP’ – new costumes for the NEMEZIS group of Majorettes

18 April 2023

For many years, the group has been very active in propagating healthy activity through dance. The purchased blouses will be a brand of the NEMEZIS group in all events, tournaments, and the Poland’s Championship, where they will show that through dance one can learn how to cooperate, show mutual respect, become independent and react to failures and successes in a mature way.

70 local projects for 70 years of the Company!

Sportswear for the youth firefighting team in Międzybrodzie Bialskie

20 March 2023

Within the ‘Together with the Group’ programme, sports clothes were purchased for the youths who prepare to become firemen. The group takes part in firefighting competitions, exercises, collections and voluntary activities.

70 local projects for 70 years of the Company!

Music for nursery school children – Together with the Group!!!

17 March 2023

Within the project musical instruments were purchased for Nursery School No. 28 in Opole, which will enable the organisation of classes in music and dance, as well as listening to stories.

70 local projects for 70 years of the Company!

We celebrate the 70th anniversary of Grupa Kęty together with firemen – another local project completed!

13 February 2023

Within the project, the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Lipnik, Bielsko-Biała have renovated the room for storing the firemen’ personal protective equipment as well as the equipment of the youth firefighting team who engage in the promotion of health and activeness among children and youths and organise classes in safety (safety on the road, first aid). 70 local projects for 70 years of the Company!

Jubilee working clothes

13 February 2023

On the occasion of the Jubilee, personalised working clothes with the ‘70 years’ logo will be provided to the production departments of Grupa Kęty.

The employees will receive T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, trousers and fleeces.

“Where does mum work? Where does dad work?” – we celebrate the 70th anniversary of Grupa Kęty.

2nd February 2023

The Capital Group companies open an art competition for their employees’ children.

This year, the subject is related to the Jubilee of the Company and that is why apart from the prizes for the participants there will be organised special Open Days, so that the children may see the places of work of their parents.

70 local projects for 70 years of the Company – it’s happening!

31 January 2023

Another project within the ‘Together with the Group’ programme – this time it was a New Year’s Football Championship.

Rivalling in Wapienica, a district of Bielsko-Biała, were the teams born in the years 2012 and 2013 of the local sports clubs.

The winning team was from Wilkowice. Congratulations!!!

Sportive 70th Anniversary of Grupa Kęty.

16 January 2023

GrupaKetyTeam has gladly joined the sports part of the ULTRAKREW blood donation action. The employees of the Capital Group Companies and the children under the charge of the ‘Grupa Kęty for the Children of the Podbeskidzie Region’ Foundation covered the distance of 10 km on the route from Gdynia-Orłowo Pier to Gdańsk Pier.

We are proud to be part of such an important social initiative. A great thank you to our team for their engagement and the voluntary blood donors for the litres shared.\

The planned blood donation actions at the Kęty plant are: today until 4 p.m., 13 February, and 13 March.

In 2023 Grupa Kęty is celebrating its 70th anniversary, and we have started the festive time with sports activities

70th Anniversary of Grupa Kęty (1953 2023) – our jubilee year has commenced.

16 January 2023

We commence it with social activities in the form of the official launch of the 9th edition of the ‘Together with the Group’ programme at the Management Board office in Bielsko-Biała.

This year’s edition perfectly fits the 70th anniversary of Grupa Kęty with its 70 local projects for the 70 years of the Company! The Capital Group of Grupa Kęty is going to allocate PLN 210,000 to that purpose.

On behalf of the Management Board, we wish to congratulate you on the wonderful initiatives and thank you for your engagement and building our Company’s image! It is thanks to you that the Capital Group of Grupa Kęty reacts to the real needs of the local communities!

This year’s edition’s motto is: ‘We Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Grupa Kęty Together’.