A Year of War – A Year of Support

It has been a year since the brutal Russian invasion on Ukraine on 24 February 2022. Since the first days of the war, sympathising with Ukraine, we have been helping our Ukrainian employees, their families, and Ukrainian emigrants.

In 2022 the volunteering staff of the Capital Group companies were supporting hundreds of people, by way of providing financial and in-kind aid or accommodation. We were also spreading ‘hope’ by ensuring the place of work, or possibility to bring up and educate children far from the atrocities of war.

The support still continues, but we are glad to see that after the difficult beginning our Ukrainian Friends are becoming independent: the earn money, learn Polish, are able to arrange their affairs with authorities or at the doctor, they have the opportunity to take care of their loved ones. At the moment, we are supporting 79 people, out of which 39 work at the Capital Group companies in Poland.

At the same time, with due diligence and applying security measures, we have been running our operations in the Ukrainian companies, which is very important for our Ukrainian staff, obtaining a bit of normality and the feeling that they may build their home country.


Winter is coming – let’s help and very much so!

The companies of the Capital Group persist in providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine. In Poland, 90 people from Ukraine are under our care, out of which 41 people work at the Group companies. Additionally, the organisation provides humanitarian aid outside of Poland. Currently, we have been preparing for the winter and Christmas season.

From the commencement of the conflict, the Capital Group has assigned nearly PLN 1.5 billion to the aid.


Every fourth refugee is now working

The Capital Group of Grupa Kęty S.A. has been continuously supporting the refugees from Ukraine. Over 200 people are cared for in Poland on a current basis. The support provided covers mainly accommodation issues and handling official affairs. We are glad that as much as 45 people out of that number found work at the companies of the Capital Group.

‘The people have been highly engaged in the tasks entrusted with them, and have been learning Polish. It’s nice to see that every week they are becoming more independent also in the other areas of social life’, say the voluntary employees.


Help for nearly 400 people

As an organisation, we have continued helping our Ukrainian employees and their families as well as the Ukrainian refugees. Within a month, we have cared directly or indirectly for nearly 400 people, who found their safe harbour in the leased apartments and hotels, were provided with the necessary financial aid, and were given the opportunity to find work, education and bring up their children in normal conditions. At the same time, we have been organising humanitarian aid for those employees who remained in Ukraine.

Currently, the teams of the Group employees engage in providing formal and organisational support, for example in obtaining PESEL personal identification numbers, or filing 500+ child benefit applications.

We have been fantastically supported by our colleagues within the organisation. We wish to thank everyone engaged in the helping process!!! Your help will still be needed very much, because we have been focusing on long-term aiding within our charity activities, particularly for our employees at Alupol LLC and Aluprof Systema Ukraina as well as their families.


We sympathise with Ukraine – helping every day

Following our declarations, we carry out daily activities related to supporting our employees and providing humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian citizens.  So far, we have cared for 146 people, including 65 children – mainly the families and friends of our employees but also those who are not related to our Capital Group. The process of helping has been gaining pace every day – we are expecting more families whom we assist in getting accommodation. We also organise everything they need in every-day life. Soon, we would also like to organise workplaces at our Group or at other companies in the region. Those of our employees who decided to return to Ukraine were offered aid packages.

We wish to thank all the Polish employees engaged in the process of helping!!!


Tragic news about the death our one of Alupol LLC employees

On the eighth day of their invasion on Ukraine, the Russian army bombed the residential districts of Borodianka, where Alupol LLC – a plant owned by Grupa Kęty – is located.

We are sorry to inform that yesterday, as a result of military action in Borodianka, an employee of our plant Alupol LLC, Kostia Palataj, sadly died. He was 38 years old and worked as a die improver. We have lost a colleague who possessed great knowledge and experience, one that was liked and esteemed. We say goodbye to him. He will remain in our hearts and memory.

We request his Family and Friends to accept our condolences and compassion.

The Management Board and Employees of Grupa Kęty S.A.


We do not cooperate with contractors in Russia and Belarus

In the face of the Russian Army aggression on Ukraine, sympathising with the Ukrainian Nation, Grupa KĘTY has stopped cooperating with their contractors in Russia and Belarus.


We commit to support the Ukrainian Nation

The Management Board of Grupa Kęty S.A. declares utmost support to the Ukrainian Nation and condemns the attack of the Russian army on Ukraine. We commit to support our Ukrainian employees and help them in providing security to their families. We also declare that the companies of the Grupa Kęty S.A. Capital Group will support financially the activities focusing on humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian citizens. At the present moment PLN 1.5 million has already been assigned to that purpose within the whole Capital Group of Grupa Kęty S.A


Temporary suspension of operating activities at two companies in the territory of Ukraine

In reference to the Russian attack on Ukraine, the Management Board of Grupa Kęty S.A. informs about temporary suspension of operating activities at two companies of the Capital Group, i.e. ALUPOL LLC with its registered office in Borodianka near Kiev, being part of the Extruded Products Segment, and ALUPROF SYSTEMA UKRAINA TOV with its registered office in Kiev, being a part of the Aluminium Systems Segment, with regard to staff safety. The suspension of production at the Ukrainian plants shall not affect customer service in other countries.