The resolution on the payment of dividend adopted by the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

The Management Board of Grupa Kęty S.A. hereby notifies that the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on 12 May 2016 distributed the Company’s net profit for 2015 amounting to 150,821,060.75 PLN (one hundred and fifty million eight hundred and twenty one thousand sixty zloty and 75/100) as follows:

  • the amount of 150,313,718.70 PLN (one hundred and fifty million three hundred and thirteen thousand seven hundred and eighteen zloty and 70/100) for the payment of the dividend to shareholders;
  • the amount of 507,342.05 PLN (five hundred and seven thousand three hundred and forty two zloty and 05/100) for the reserve capital.

The total amount of the dividend to be paid to shareholders is 170,166,474.00 PLN (one hundred and seventy million one hundred and sixty six thousand four hundred and seventy four zloty and 00/100). To this end, a portion of the reserve capital, i.e. retained earnings,

  • amounting to 19,852,755.30 PLN (nineteen million eight hundred and fifty two thousand seven hundred and fifty five zloty and 30/100), will be transferred and allocated for the payment of the dividend.

On the day of adopting the resolution, the number of shares subject to the dividend amounts to 9,453,693 (nine million four hundred and fifty three thousand six hundred and ninety three) shares, which gives the dividend per share of 18.00 PLN.

The dividend day (the date when the right to divided is determined) is 15 July 2016, and the dividend payment dates are as follows:

  • 1,449,004.50 PLN (sixty one million four hundred and forty nine thousand and four zloty and 50/100) – 5 August 2016;
  • 108,717,469.50 PLN (one hundred and eight million seven hundred and seventeen thousand four hundred and sixty nine zloty and 50/100) – 7 December 2016.