“Green Hand” ecological education program

The Green Hand program is a program that brings together several activities of an ecological nature. These are, among others, actions: let’s catch water, plant oxygen, letters for the ground, garbage collection and a day of clean air.

As part of the project, the organizers (ARKA Ecological Foundation) will face real environmental problems that happen to our daily lives, such as terrible air quality, smog, wild dumps, as well as heat, droughts and tornadoes caused by climate change.

Education of future generations in the field of ecology and responsible use of the environment is one of the most important goals of the sustainable development of the Capital Group. Since the beginning of the project, Grupa Kęty has been supporting and actively participating in the Zielona Hand program.

As a signatory to the Global Compact, we support and develop 10 principles. Rule No. 8 Taking initiatives to promote an attitude of ecological responsibility.