AluBook of sustainable and socially responsible architecture.

AluBook is an innovative project of ALUPROF S.A, whose aim is to promote interesting trends, modern implementations and important creators in the field of architecture and construction. The main theme of the first edition are architectural transformations in Silesia.
The main theme of the first issue of the AluBook publication is the slogan “Work-life balance”, meaning a harmonious combination of different areas of life, thanks to a balanced and socially responsible architecture. This idea was presented on the example of changes and new investments, with the participation of Aluprof brand solutions that were created in recent years in Silesia area. Such important projects were indicated, such as NOSPR, MCK, .KTW or the Silesian Museum. The chapter “Standards of the future” discusses important trends on the example of single-family housing, passive construction and BREEAM certification. At the end, prestigious investments from New York were presented, which were created using the innovative Aluprof aluminum systems.

AluBook is also a platform for exchanging expert opinions. Exclusive architects were invited to the first issue, including Tomasz Konior, Jan Karpiel, Marcin Steindel and Kamil Wiśniewski.

We wanted to create a new publishing house that will combine the features of the magazine with important trends in architecture , which will show interesting performances and their creators in an attractive way. We were looking for an idea for a publication that will carry attractive content for both people from the architecture or construction industry, as well as readers not professionally related to such topics. This is how the AluBook was created, which a few days after the premiere gained a lot of positive feedback, which is important information for us and at the same time an incentive for further development of the project – says Bożena Ryszka, Marketing Director of Aluprof SA.