The Foundation program – Meet the GROUP visited the Netherlands!!!

Every year, as part of the Meet the Group program, we visit one of the subsidiaries of Grupa Kęty SA Capital Group.

This year we went to the Netherlands. Although the weather was not as good as planned, our mood as you can see in the pictures was ready for the city 🙂

In addition to our visit we met with the representatives of the Dutch company,and explored Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the charming seaside town of Scheveningen.

Thanks to colleagues from Aluprof Netherlands B.V. for meeting with us and shared moments.

Meet the GROUP is dedicated to adults from the Foundation Children Podbeskidzie Kęty. The program involves educational trips & integration with Grupa Kęty’s capital groups.
We try to expand the horizons of our youth in an interesting and inspiring way by educating them through the experience of traveling to another country, learning to be open to the world, different culture and encouraging foreign language learning.

photo by A.Łaciok