The Crown of Polish Mountains with the Grupa Kęty Podbeskidzie Children Foundation

This is a new project that the Foundation has suggested for its pupils.

The project is long-term – initially scheduled for 2019, although it will certainly be continued in 2020.

The Crown of Polish Mountains is the 28 summits that must be taken upon the wards.

Monika Sobczak, President of the Foundation: I am very happy that we have launched this project. Adventure with the mountains is contact with the nature, overcoming their own weaknesses, building a team.From the previous projects, for example Cleaning the Beskids, I know that young people are willing to take part in such trips. This time we dont clean uo, unless on the way, but we get THE MOUNTAIN CROWN OF POLAND. We are in the so-called preparation of additional elements such as the logo of the program – we will start a competition among participants or the preparation of common clothing.

The project began in mid-November in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains with the Łysica summit. The social partner of the campaign is the Polish Tatra Society, a branch in Bielsko-Biała.

More about the projekt here.