SIEJEMY SŁOŃCE – full action

Sunflowers seeded as part of the “SIEJEMY SŁOŃCE” campaign are beautifully growing in our gardens. It is an action during, which we seed and plant sunflowers throughout Poland. During the inauguration, children from Bielsko schools planted sunflower seedlings in recycled pots. The main motive of the action will be sunflower – the sunniest of our flowers. The action promotes simple ecological activities, in particular focused on helping bees and birds. The establishment of ecological fruit and vegetable gardens will be promoted.
Producing fruits and vegetables in your garden in an environmentally friendly manner, we have healthier food and great satisfaction. The main organizer of the Ecological Foundation is Arka. Grupa Kęty S.A. is the project partner. Employees and guardians of the Grupa Kęty Foundation for Children in Podbeskidzie took active part in the campaign by planting sunflowers in their gardens