GrupaKętyTeam came fourth in the 5th edition of Poland Business Run

Our team, of which the charges of the Foundation were a part, came fourth out of 300 teams entered for the Wrocław Business Run.

Poland Business Run sport event is one on the biggest charity runs in Poland. At the same time in seven cities (Warszawa, Poznań, Katowice, Kraków, Wrocław and Gdańsk) more than 3,500 five-member relay teams took part. Each participant of the relay team was to cover the distance of 3,800 m.

17,000 runners yielded almost PLN 1,000,000 in proceeds from entrance fees.

The run is dedicated to providing  support for the disabled. Its beneficiaries are the charges of Beyond the Horizon Foundation funded by Jasiek Miela.

More about them here

„Poland Business Run is a great sport event of a large charitable dimension”, says Monika Sobczak, Head of CSR and the president of the Foundation. “I’m glad that Kęty Group and For the Podbeskiedzie Children Foundation were its part”, she adds.

Grupa Kęty S.A. paid the entrance fee of GrupaKętyTeam and donated an equal amount to Beyond the Horizon Foundation. Additionally, the Foundation organised a trip for its charges to watch the run as supportes. Apart from intense sport emotions there was time to see the most important attractions in Wrocław, such as the Racławice  Panorama, Afrykarium or  a wonderful  viewing spot on  SKY TOWER, a 49-storey building.

Congratulations to the team and we have already started training for the next year’s run.