Grupa Kęty a Laureate of the “Poland’s Best Employers 2021” Ranking


Poland’s Best Employers 2021 is a list of 300 companies operating in Poland with outstanding achievements in HR, honoured with the titled of the Best Employer. The research covered roughly 1800 companies employing at least 250 people in Poland. The Ranking of 300 Poland’s Best Employers is based on the same principles as in the Western European or the American “Forbes”. The know-how partner is Statista – the creator of the best known rankings of the Best Employers in the world. In an anonymous questionnaire, Statista requested the employees to assess their employers. Thanks to that the actual quality of the offered jobs has been tested, instead of only the success of the branding campaigns of the employers.

GKSA took the 193rd position in the general ranking and the 45th position in the sector. We treat the ranking as a distinction of our activities as well as the potential and challenge for further development in employee areas.

Complete ranking: FORBES.