Art contest — almost 1000 works!!!

Each year, the art contest for the children of the Group’s employees is becoming more and more popular. In the current edition, almost 1000 works, exactly 973, were collected in the entire Group.

The theme of the contest: “Colorful World — draw how you play together with children from other countries” was related to the first principle of Global Compact, to which Grupa Kęty S.A. is a signatory.

Each company prepares prizes for children individually (gift vouchers, Lego blocks, other prizes worth PLN 100 per participant) and determines how they are to be awarded.

Principle 1: Supporting and respecting internationally proclaimed human rights.  

Contest goal: building the awareness of multiculturalism among children, and the subject of human rights in the contemporary world.

CONGRATULATIONS to all participants and thanks to parents for their commitment!