Together with the GROUP

6th ecological edition “Together for the Earth” – we proudly present another completed project.

“What you don’t need – someone falls from the sky” During the project, workshops were held, among others, on sewing, manually decorating lanterns, making your own herbarium and making your own toys. The workshops were ecological. The children had the opportunity to learn how to reuse items intended for disposal. By combining pro-ecological content with artistic forms, workshop participants learned about planet-friendly solutions in a friendly and simple way.

About 60 children aged 5 to 13 participated in the workshops. The project partner was ZHP Hufiec Kęty. We are very happy with such projects !! Congratulations on the idea and commitment!

We would like to remind you that 33 projects qualified for the 6th edition of “Together for the Earth”, and the Capital Group allocated PLN 49.5 thousand for environmental education.

Global Compact, Principle 8: Undertable initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility.