Star Children’s Dreams

On Friday, December 14th, at the Helios cinema in Bielsko-Biała the Christmas Star of Dreams took place.

This time the Foundation together with the employees of the Capital Group Grupa Kęty S.A. gave 229 presents for the children and young people.
This is a great, charitable fundraising project of our foundation – says M.Sobczak, the president of the foundation. Its uniqueness lies in the involvement of many people, including employees of Capital Group companies, who voluntarily fulfill children’s dreams.

There are more and more packages from year to year. From the very beginning of the campaign, we have already prepared over 1,400 gifts! – adds M.S.
As always, there were some unique elements of the meeting. Some of the orphans in letters to Santa asked to help someone else. We are moved and proud of their attitude, adds M. Sobczak, Our charges among others collected money for treatment of a boy with cancer, or they took care of animal shelters.

The Foundation would like to thank ALL who are involved in this event.

foto. P.Bieniecki, video TVK HD