Investment loan agreement for a subsidiary Aluprof S.A.

The Management Board of Grupa Kęty S.A. hereby informs that the Management Board of the subsidiary Aluprof S.A., on 10.10. 2016, approved of the conditions proposed by the Bank and signed, on behalf of the Company, a non-revolving loan agreement with Bank PEKAO SA amounting to 85 million PLN. The loan is be used to finance the Company’s investment programme. The loan will be secured with a mortgage on the company’s real properties, a registered pledge on fixed assets with the assignment of debt from an insurance contract, an authorisation to use bank accounts in Bank PEKAO SA, a blank promissory note with a promissory note agreement. The loan will be granted for the period until 31 December 2021. The loan bears interest at a variable rate equal to Wibor 1M or 3M or 6M base rate plus the bank’s margin.