Annex to an overdraft facility agreement

The Management Board of Grupa Kęty S.A. hereby informs that, on 27 June 2017, the Group companies which are parties to the overdraft facility agreement with Bank PEKAO S.A. (i.e. Grupa Kęty S.A., Alupol Packaging S.A., Aluprof S.A., Metalplast-Stolarka Sp. z o.o., Aluform Sp. z o.o., Alupol Packaging Kety Sp. z o.o., Alupol Films Sp. z o.o., Aluminium Kety Emmi predlava aluminija, d .o.o.) agreed to accept the terms and conditions of the annex to the agreement increasing the maximum available shared credit limit from 200 million PLN to 300 million PLN. The above-mentioned loan is used to finance the current operations of the companies. According to specific terms and conditions of the agreement, the companies are jointly and severally liable for the debt under the aforementioned agreement. The deadline for the loan repayment has not changed (31.10.2017).