March 5 – World Employee Appreciation Day


We spend a large part of our lives at work. That is why it is so important that we feel good here, that there is a friendly atmosphere, that we identify with the direction of the company’s development and the goals it sets.

The World Employee Appreciation Day is a great opportunity to thank all Employees, regardless of their positions, for their commitment, professionalism and joint creation of the value of our organization, especially in times of a pandemic – these are the words of the Management Board addressed to all Employees of the Capital Group.

How can employees be appreciated? There are many ways, also within the companies of our Group, where thanks for the contribution and commitment takes various forms.

The basis is the salary: the internal regulations specify the range for each position. Team managers have an incentive fund, bonus fund or other forms of rewards. An additional element is the support of the home budget in special periods, such as the holiday season or holidays. Periodic reviews comparing the level of remuneration with market practices are essential. In order to increase the attractiveness of the job offer, additional benefits were introduced – and still are. Locally, in individual companies, their scope varies. And they include medical care, pension programs, multisport cards, lunch cards or additional vacation days introduced this year in one of the companies. During working hours, courses, trainings and briefings are organized. Many of them are aimed at improving work safety or are a prerequisite for its proper performance, but there are also those thanks to which employees mainly expand their knowledge and skills to develop professionally in accordance with their own needs. The company has a procedure for planning, organizing and implementing training for employees, ensuring a high substantive and didactic level. There is also the possibility of co-financing studies related to the employee’s profession and language courses in selected positions.