Let’s Clean the Beskids with the Polish Tatra Society and Grupa Kęty

The ‘Let’s Clean the Beskids’ action enjoys great engagement on the part of the local society every year, particularly children and youths from the Bielsko-Biała District schools. The initiator and originator of the wonderful project has been the Polish Tatra Society in Bielsko-Biała. On mountain trips, recreation is combined with ecological activities. The employees of the Capital group and the children under the charge of the Foundation participate in each edition of the ‘Let’s Clean the Beskids’ project. In 2021 the action will be held in a slightly different way, as the limitations owing to the pandemic will not allow group hiking on the mountain tracks. Therefore, the organisers propose individual walks. It is obvious, then, that nothing shall stop us when environment is the case. Join the Polish Tatra Society and Grupa Kęty!


2021-04-24 -> Klimczok (Beskid Śląski)
2021-05-15 -> Babia Góra (Beskid Żywiecki)
2021-06-12 -> Hrobacza Łąka (Beskid Mały)