Grupa Kęty S.A. occupies the 3rd position in ‘The Stock Exchange Company of the Year’ ranking.


Grupa Kęty S.A. occupies the 3rd position in the prestigious main ranking of the 22nd edition of the Best GPW Listed Companies under the name ‘The Stock Exchange Company of the Year’, organised by Puls Biznesu (last year the company occupied the 10th position). The company also took a very high, third position in the sub-ranking of Investor Relations, and the fourth position in the sub‑ranking of the Management Board Competence.

Every year, 100 stock analysts, investment advisers and managers, who represent brokerage houses, pension funds and investment funds, select companies for the ranking. This is a great advantage of the research, because stock companies receive valuable information about their perception by the professional market participants. The experts judge which company has the most competent management board, made the most spectacular success in the preceding year, may boast of the best quality of products and services among the stock companies, has the best relations with investors and the most interesting development perspectives.

Full ranking me be found here