December 5th – international volunteer day


In order to express the recognition for the efforts of volunteers around the world, the International Volunteer Day has been celebrated since the 1986 UN initiative.

The International Volunteer Day is an opportunity to show the world the role of people involved in social work for others – on the local, national and international levels.

And how does the volunteer work in Grupa Kęty SA Capital Group?

The flagship project of a socio-voluntary nature is the ‘Together with the GROUP’ program – says M.Sobczak, director of CSR. Thanks to the commitment of our employees and the financial support of the company, great social initiatives are implemented.

Another form of volunteering is support for the activities of the Grupa Kęty Podbeskidzia Foundation for children, such as participation in the Gwiazdka Dziecięcych Marzeń action – adds MS. The employees may voluntarily fulfill the child’s holiday dream. Often employees of Capital Group companies engage in projects such as “We clean the Beskidy Mountains, or charitable events” – this is also a form of volunteering.

We will be happy to expand the range of volunteer involvement opportunities for employees – says MS.

Today, taking advantage of the opportunity, I would like to thank you and congratulate you for your previous initiatives.