‘Children’s dream Christmas party’ December 8, 2017

‘Children’s dream Christmas party’ was proudly held once again on December 8.

‘Grupa Kęty Dzieciom Podbeskidzia’ Foundation together with employees of the Capital Group of Grupa Kęty S.A. provided presents this year for 229 children from orphanges located in Pszczyna, Bielsko-Biała, Cieszyn, Kęty, Żywiec, Międzyświeć and Oświęcim, and foster families.

This has been the seventh edition of this special initiative. The Foundation receives letters from children, where they express their dreams. Afterwards  the letters are hung on Christmas trees in the companies ,and all employees may voluntarily get involved by taking one letter and fulfilling a child’s dream. From the beginning 1,200 gifts have been prepared!

The magical meeting with Santa Claus had place in the Cinema Helios, Bielsko-Biała. More information and photo coverage on:

The Foundation would like to thank all employees and institutions for getting involved and participating.